Tuesday, 12 February 2013

week 26

It's been a while. I haven't been massively busy as such, just the normal mommy-thing. I have, very much, loved and enjoyed this time with Toddler N as he is so much fun at the moment. Obviously he has always had his own personality and it has shown but it has just bubbled over lately and he is so much fun. I spend most of my days just laughing at and with him. He is also very, very good at being impossibly cute which makes it difficult to say no to anything but we have to be firm or he'll be a little monster.

He has also been more interested in the Baby. At first he didn't acknowledge it at all and then he said he wanted it to be a triceratops!?! We don't know if it is a boy or a girl but I dearly hope it isn't a triceratops. And now Toddler N just says "Baby" and that mommy has to go to "hopital" to get baby and that the "Doctor help baby". He plays a lot of Doctor at the moment, putting bandaids on Tractors and his Dragon, even on me after I'd been to the Doctors' last Friday (Glucose test) and he says he wants to be a doctor "like Daddy". One day he stated that "Daddy Doctor, N doctor too. Mommy go shop!" which I guess says it all really. But he did look proud when I showed him the building where I used to work. Such a sweetie!

So, I had to go to the maternity ward and do a Glucose test as I was bang on the BMI "limit" to test for diabetes when I got signed up at the midwife's. To be fair, it's my own fault, if i'd gone to the midwife at week 4 instead of week 8 I would have been fine. I gained loads those weeks as I couldn't eat anything but plain pasta without throwing up. Carbs only for 4 weeks - you do the math. Anyway, I've been doing really well since and I am nowhere near as big as when I was pregnant with N at the same time so i feel Ok. I'm longing for when I can get back into running though.

Anyhow, the Glucose test. What a boring half day that was. First they had to take some blood. Then I had to drink 2dl of some horrible sugary syrup that tasted like liquid wine gums. And I had to drink it within 5 minutes, which was harder than you would think as it was so nasty. I am grateful I had some water so I could sip that after each mouthful. And then I had to wait. For 2 loooong hours. During which they played a "propaganda" film about breastfeeding / dangers of smoking and epidurals on a loop. Again, I'd been warned about it so I'd brought a book and a magazine but couldn't quite block out the sound nor the sight of a pair of enormous breasts on a 50" screen about a metre away. I don't mind breasts or breast feeding at all but not necessarily after fasting for 12 hours and then drinking some horrible syrup. After the 2 hours were up, and my arse well and truly asleep, I had to give them some more of my precious blood and then I was free to go. I'll find out within a week but I really hope I don't have diabetes, not only because it would suck in general and I'd have a fairly big increased risk of getting it within the next 10 years. But also because I would be terrible at making sure I'd eat regularly and test my blood an hour before, an hour after etc etc. + how would that even be possible with a 3yr old??

everything else is going well. I still haven't told anyone but family and close friends. It's definitely not a secret but I share so much on FB anyway and this I want to keep just ours. There are days when I'm struggling with pelvic pain but it could always be worse and we are very excited about being a family of 4. It's been a long time coming with some heartache along the way but we are, as I said, very excited.

I'll write more about Toddler N and the Big Boy Room we are getting ready for him in a later post.

I wish you well.


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Anonymous said...

Grattis till hela familjen!

Jag fick också göra glukostestet i Umeå, hemskheter! Har diabetes i familjen så de ville testa. I falun testade de alla flerbördsföderskor två gånger under en grav :S Men jag slapp göra det en gång till! Som om man inte mådde illa nog som det var innan liksom!

Jag hoppas att du tar det lungt och inte utsätter dig för smärta i onödan! Jag är så glad för er skull att det bara spritter i hela kroppen! :D

Kramar A-K