Friday, 4 January 2013

An Alternative NYE 2012

Well, it started on the day before NYE, on the Sunday, when Husband and I went into town to pick up some sale items we'd ordered. I also wanted to run into the bookshop and get a book for Toddler N and it was there it happened.

I was ambling around when all of a sudden I got this horrific pain in the back of my head. I would not have been surprised to find a dictionary falling on my head or having been hit by someone. That was not the case, however.

I felt really sick and almost passed out so we just went home where I crawled into bed for some rest. Husband was very concerned because it was very odd for being me. I have had migraines since I was 14 (20 years) and this was nothing like that. He wanted us to go to A&E, I refused and just wanted to have a rest. He gave me 20 minutes. I said I was fine and just tired so he gave me some more time whilst trying to convince me to go. Just as I was about to relent (which made him all the more worried) I got up and felt a lot better. Just a dull, heavy, ache at the back of my head so he gave in but he wasn't happy. I was, because I felt I'd just dodged a lot of blood tests.

On NYE, I had quite a few things to do. Toddler N and I went into town to pick up some food for the evening to have a bit of a cosy family NYE. Husband had other plans. He called me up and said he'd discussed it with colleagues and they'd all told him to get me to A&E to rule out a brain haemorrhage. Another of his colleagues, whose boy is at the same nursery as Toddler N, called us and told us to drop him off at theirs while we went. So he had an awesome time. and did not need to come with us.

So we went to the A&E. Told my story about a gazillion times, mentioned the pregnancy as many times and also the history of "normal" migraines. The doctors discussed and decided I needed a CT scan, possibly an MRI due to radiation. The House Office came back in to take some blood. I know she left to get me some water and the next thing I know is that Husband is calling my name sounding very worried. I'd fainted. Great.

So while I was lying on the floor, another doctor came in and told me what would happen. I was now under his care and no longer and A&E patient. So off I went to the CT-scan. They then needed to discuss if I should have one or get and MRI instead so I was just hovering around a bit. Then I went into the machine with a lead apron to protect my precious cargo.

Back to A&E for some more exams, light in eyes etc etc. Almost passed out again. This concerned the doctor no end and was not entirely happy that it was because i was hungry. I was. Then we were sent off to the ward where I got a bed and Husband stayed with me until the results came back. The scan was fine but because I'd waited 24 hours it was possible that it just didn't show up and they wanted me to stay over and do a lumbar puncture in the morning.

I said no. Husband and Doctor both gave me a "we are deeply, deeply disappointed in your decision" look. And Husband also made it clear he would not take me home without one. So I stayed.

The NYE was therefore spent in a bay with 5 other ladies, the one opposite me had severe dementia and kept on flashing everyone who was anywhere near her, knocking on the table calling for "NURSE" the whole time until she fell asleep. One other kept shouting "OH MY GOD!" and woke the first lady up again. Some people were sent away, more came. I slept as best I could. I missed my boys something terribly and cried quite a bit. I don't like hospitals.

The next morning Husband came back and his parents, bless them, had driven 3 hours that morning to come and stay with Toddler N so Husband could be with me. He was there when a Consultant came round to do the Lumbar Puncture.

I have slight [i.e. looking for emergency exits, planning my escape, break out in sweat, nausea, almost passing out] phobia of injections. So all that happened while he tried to find a good spot. It's not that it hurts, I ahve no problem with the "pain", it's just the mental bit about the needles I need to sort out. Give me anything to face and I'll stare it down but show me a needle/injection that is intended for me and I become useless...
I threw up the banana I'd eaten and also hummed my version of Edvard Grieg's "Mountain King", which amused Husband and Consultant no end, whilst he was poking and getting spinal fluid out of my spine.

And then it was jus to wait for the initial results to come back, which were ok so I could go home. He did not want to say it was a migraine because it did not really sound like one but results cleared me from an obvious haemorrhage but still kept me at a 1/20,000 risk of it having been one. But those odds sounds alright to me.

SO I'm back home but it's been exhausting for both me and Husband and we're looking forward to a very quiet weekend with some relaxation, good food and just being together the 3 of us.

And there you have it, my NYE. Different and something I wish I wouldn't have needed to experience but I'm feeling good about having done it so we can all relax and not panic at the first sign of a head ache.

As for New Year's resolution; just be happy and healthy and spend as much time as possible with the loves of my life - Husband and Toddler N.

I wish you all the best for 2013.


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