Friday, 1 March 2013

Tears and Make Up

I went to drop Toddler No off at nursery and it ended with us both having a little cry. He cried while I dropped him off because he did not want to go into the "Big Boy Room" as he is now moving up to the next level and have been going in there every now and then to get used to it.

I thought I wouldn't be so bothered by it as we did go through the same thing when he moved from the baby room to the "middle" room. But I was wrong. Maybe it's because i'm pregnant and have all these hormones flying around but it's terrible to see your little boy upset. The girls are brilliant and he was happy to go to the girl who greeted us and he tried to smile when he said "bye mommy!" but tears were flowing down his cheeks. I gave him a kiss, told him I love him forever and always (which is what i say every night and every time we say good bye) and I left. But walking back home was difficult and I cried a little and had to phone Husband at work. I think I'll pick him up early-ish today so that we can have a nice snuggle before it time to get ready for bed.

If I didn't have anything planned for today then it'd be an awful day just waiting, walking around doing nothing as the house is tidy (just need a run around with the hoover) but I'm off to get my hair cut and "coloured". I'm so fed up with feeling drab as I am tired most of the time and I also desperately need to update my make-up bag. Everything is either thrown out or stuff I use because I've thrown the other stuff out. + it's spring time so a few new things is warranted anyway. I try to only have the essentials at home + some stuff I'd use in the [unlikely] event of us going somewhere where it's nice to put a bit extra on, if you know what I mean. But it's time to put a bit of money aside and go on a make-up renewal shop. What I know I want is:

Mascara - Estee Lauder Sumptous Waterproof in brown (the only one that doesn't make my eyes run)
Primer - Laura Mercier (it's more than I'd like to pay but lasts a long time and is heavenly to wear)
Foundation - am willing to try something new as I can't be bothered with the Avon sales lady
Eye shadow - MaX Factor Smoky eye effect (simple enough for someone like me to get a good result! And i'd like them in a few more colours, well, at least one that's more "spring")

And I think that would do me for now, I don't have much time nor do I want to spend a lot of time (no more than 5minutes) but I can't go out "nude" faced as it'd scare animals and small children.

Anyhow, time to get going to the hair dressers. Don't want to be late...

Hope you're all well.

(btw, it's highly unusual for me to write about make-up but there you have it! There'll probably be a blue moon tonight too!)


Mrs E said...

Jag är helt kär i L'Oreals nude magic BB cream - funkar som foundation för mig.

P.s. Hade den och vattenfast mascara + eyeliner på mig under förlossningen. Snacka om fåfäng :p D.s.

Ems said...

Aaahh! Tack for tipset! Ska kolla in den!