Sunday, 30 December 2012

Hour of the Dead

Any hour spent awake during the night (after 22.00 these days) is an hour where I look and feel like one of the Dead. And I mean really dead. Like rotting flesh falling off the bones kind of perkiness. This is one such hour. Or two.

There is a dog barking and I just cannot sleep through it. It woke Toddler N up so we had to bring him into our bed and then it was impossible for me to get back to sleep. Husband could sleep through an air raid so he's snoring away. Prick. Isn't it annoying when someone else is asleep when you just can't?

Fucking Owners.

Who keeps a dog outside in the middle of the night if it is barking?! I called the city council's noise nuisance patrol and complained. We'll see what they can do.

Don't get me wrong. I love dogs. My family has always kept dogs. Little ones and larger ones. Dogs bark. It's annoying during the day but it's more acceptable as long as it isn't the whole time.

It is not acceptable during night however.


it also makes me wonder. Clearly these people aren't bothered about their fellow neighbours so why would they care about the dog/ Does it have adequate shelter? It is winter and a very rainy one at that.

Anyway, I can't get back to sleep so I thought I'd resurrect the blog while I await tiredness to overcome the barking.

But other than that - Life's peachy at the moment. A bit scary at times - normal headfuck at this stage where all the thoughts go KABOOM and have me worrying when I shouldn't. Am getting my hair cut on Friday which will sort out this wispy -to-the-side-fringe-thing I've got going on. So am looking forward to that. Toddler N's golden locks will fall next Saturday. Thank God. I'm struggling to keep his side parting straight.

I'll write more another day.

Unless I'm doing time for strangling a dog owner with the doglead.

Not joking.

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Mrs E said...

När vi bodde i lägenheten var det en av grannarna som vi tror jobbade natt. Han bodde i nästa hus men hunden stod hela natten i köksfönstret och ylade efter honom. Vårt sovrum var åt det hållet så vi var vakna stora delar av natten. Synd om hunden!

Hoppas det löser sig för er.