Monday, 12 November 2012

Ms Oh So Organised

Goodness me! I must confess that I have never ever been as organised as I am right now. You see, we are all done with the Christmas shopping! Ok, I have a few things in the basket at amazon that I haven't ordered yet but everything is planned and I know I will be done before we travel to Sweden in a few weeks. It is a really nice feeling. 

I am sure I'll pick up something more along the way but that will be on to of what we've already bought. Husband and I are not exchanging any gifts apart from one which has a maximum amount of £15 and it can be something silly. Toddler N's stuff has already been wrapped. Good wholesome train stuff from Brio and 2 books. That'll do from us, he will be spoilt enough by grandparents, aunts & uncles and cousins. 

Anyhow, just wanted to brag about how good I've been this year and pat myself on the shoulder a little. I'm sure I'll leave wrapping the rest until the very last minute.... Typical. But so far so good! 

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