Thursday, 13 September 2012

Running for my life

After having spent the last couple of years hoping that my overweight would disappear and fitness level improve on their own and not having to go on weird diets and yada yada yada, I started longing for those days when I voluntarily got out and ran and loved it. I told Husband month ago but I think I needed to psych myself up mentally before I actually did it. I've always had problems (since I was in my late teens) with my knees and that has somewhat put a stop on a lot of things I could do but I was fed up with it.

And then Husband spoke to a patient who had started running and had found a program that was supported by the NHS. We love the NHS, not only have I always received the best care whenever I/we have needed it but it is also what pays the bills for us...

So this program is for total beginners and is called "Couch to 5K" and it has podcasts for each week/run so you don't have to clock watch which is a big thing for me. I know that I would look at the time and go, "Oh, only 10 more seconds - it's ok to stop and walk instead of running" etc etc. SO this way I have someone else tell me when to stop and start.

First run was awful, who would have thought that 60 second runs x eight would be so horrible? But it's gotten better and I have not yet cheated. We are now halfway through week 3 (out of 9) so still in the beginning but we're still doing it. I run on my own on Friday mornings after I've dropped Toddler N off at nursery and on Sunday's we walk to the forest/park where we take turns watching/walking with Toddler N and then we switch so that person can do the program and the same thing for Wednesdays when Husband is off. We couldn't do it together one weekend (drinks the night before) so I actually got up and did it in the morning at 6.15am before Husband had to go to work. Yes, I am very impressed and proud of myself for that one!

Husband is obviously in better shape than I am from having played 5 a side and also for having way better determination but like I said, I haven't cut a run short yet and am not planning to although I am a bit worried about week 5 where they step up the running time considerably.... BUT I am ENJOYING it immensely, I am better than I thought and I have more willpower than I thought and I don't feel too embarrassed when I come across other people while looking all red in the face and panting like a horny walruss - at least I am trying to better myself.

Anyhow, I have bought a knee support that feels good on but I guess we'll se after tomorrow. I'll just load up on Ibuprofen beforehand and ice it when I come back. It is painful but I know from previous experience that this is the point where I have to keep going and improve my muscles so that the knee gets better support and if I stop now it'll never get any better. And if I have to wear a knee support everytime I run from here on: so be it. I have to do this now or I'll never do it. Plus, it is a good way for me to get some time to myself without it costing [a lot of] money i.e. shopping or going to the gym or the SPA or to a cafe.

I think, however, that my main reason is Toddler N.  I want to make sure that Toddler N sees us being healthy and doing healthy stuff, just eating healthy and going for walks are not always enough. So I guess you could say I am doing it for my own health, for Husband and most importantly for Toddler N's health and future. This is it, I can take being responsible for messing up my own life and being lazy but not with Toddler N and Husband in the picture. I don't want to be the one dragging Toddler N into a lazy life where illness is never far away. I need and WANT to be healthy for my family and for me so that we can have long healthy lives and/or be able to physically fight whatever ailment might come our way.

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Mrs E said...

Heja heja! You go (run) girl! Mycket bra och starkt att börja, det är det svåraste. Hoppas du fortsätter lika bra. Kram