Friday, 24 August 2012

The Olympics

So, London 2012 came and went and if everything had gone to plan then we would have just watched it from the couch. But we got the Olympic Fever so Husband went on a mad search for tickets (don't get me started on the whole ticket-buying system) and on one saturday evening he came rushing in to the tv room and said - "I've got tickets to women's boxing. Tomorrow!"
the rest of the evening went on to pack stuff that would/could be needed. And off we went on the Sunday morning. We drove down to Harpenden, parked and got a train into London and then to the the arena where the boxing was (Excel Arena) and had a great time!
Toddler N was AMAZING, he loved the whole experience and was superb the whole time. He got a few new toys that he picked out himself at St Pancras and was really happy to play with them and also on the Iphones...

After we got back to the car, we went to some friends' who live nearby for dinner and for Toddler N to play a little and just relax for a little bit. And again, he was brilliant. Once we got into the car, he had some milk and after 2 minutes he was asleep.  So all in all a very long day for our little boy but he did it  with style!

After that we said that Husband and I would possibly go down for the Paralympics to get a chance to get into the actual Olympic Park and Toddler N would stay home with Husband's parents.


Toddler N at the Olympic Park © Ems
Sweden got into the handball final (yeay) so Husband went on another mad bid to get tickets which we knew would be impossible but once again, on the last try, he managed to get 3!!! So off we went again, same trip but slightly different destination. THE OLYMPIC PARK!!

And again, Toddler N got 2 new toys, a cheap price to pay to ensure he wouldn't be bored by "old" ones. It was an amazing experience. Sadly, Sweden lost but in all honesty - France played better so I wasn't too bothered and it was very close (21-22).

I had to take Toddler N out for a little bit as I felt it was too noisy at that point, he didn't want to use his ear protectors, so we went out and had a little walk around and then when it had calmed down a little we went back and he was excited again and clapped and cheered when the prize ceremony took place.

As soon as we got the pushchair from the holding area, he put his feet up and went to sleep and slept all the way back to train station where we had parked the car. There was no lift and we had to carry him in the pushchair up the stairs at which point he woke up (he often sleep with his hands behind his head) and told us to be "arefuls" [careful].

So, now we can say that we have all been to the Olympics and we have lots of photos and mementos for when Toddler N is older.

After those two mad weekends I definitely felt I was done with the Olympics so now with David's week off coming up, we will just do stuff for Toddler N, like going to the beach, go to York and rent a little boat to go up and down the canal/river/whatever, visit the Butterfly House or the zoo at Doncaster... just little things like that.

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