Thursday, 20 September 2012

Warm feet = warm and happy Ems

This week we have:

  • sorted the underfloor heating in the kitchen i.e. a man came to lay it and then put slate tiles on top and yesterday he grouted it. We can move the fridge, which is currently standing in the living room, back on Sunday. But first we have to paint the walls behind it.
  • had a man from a bathroom design company to measure our bathroom. We're finally getting rid of the, for me, hateful and disgusting bath and will replace it with a shower. 
  • had a man over to check out the fireplace, which we ripped out 2 weeks ago, to see what needs doing so that we can get a woodburner in there.*
Am I happy? 

Hell yeah! It will, hopefully, mean that in 2 weeks I will be able to have warm feet whilst being in the kitchen. The grout has to set for so long before you can turn the underfloor heating on but it's ok, I can happily wait 2 more weeks as I've managed -barely - the almost 3 years since it broke (3 weeks after we moved in and OMG what a crappy job the previous owners had done! It made me want to cry.

Bathroom - tiny and dark and horrible tiles (I'll take a picture before they rip them out) and not to mention that bath!! We had planned to do the bathroom next week but a spotlight exploded (yeah, put in by the previous owners) and burned a hole (?!) in the acrylic bath exactly where Toddler N sits (but not at the time!) so we moved the bathroom to a more priority type of thing...

Woodburner - I could become severely religious about this particular item. It is so cold here during the damp wintermonths and electric heating does not warm up as well or nicely as a woodburner does. I am going to be in heaven once I can use it. Husband is happy for this to be done as it is worth a lot of money to make me shut up about being cold. Seriously, that has been my response to any kind of greeting or the past 6 years since I moved to the UK. 

"Hi honey, how's your day been?"
"I'm sooo cold!"
"Hi honey, how are you feeling?"
"I'm sooo cold!"
"Honey, I love you!"
"I'm sooo cold!"

The "I'm sooo cold" are usually [always] followed up with a "f****ing country!"

The only time I wasn't freezing was when I was pregnant which is when I had the thermostat on 15C to stop my feet from burning. And this whole being cold thing is the major thing that cold make me leave husband and take Toddler N back to Sweden - we'd simply have to live apart during the colder months.

But I won't have to now!! My house is going to be toasty and snug and many a books will be read in front of that woodburner. That is a fact!

I could complain about having a shedload of people doing all this in October (I hate having strangers around) but I won't because it is no way near as bad as what Mrs E has it right now as they are renovating a whole house whilst living in it and - wait for it - while she is pregnant (due in December)! She is made of stronger stuff than me, that's for sure!


* why are they all men? Not that I'm particularly bothered as I don't care who does what I want but it's funny how few women actually does this stuff when there are plenty of them (us?) out there...

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Mrs E said...

He he, was just about to write and tell you that I say the same thing - "I'm so cold, I hate living in the boondocks" (eller hur man nu säger att man bor på landet?)but then I saw you've already thought of me :-)

Today I took my first hot water shower for two weeks. Nice!

Am longing for our kitchen (4 more weeks) so I'm happy to hear you have yours back soon, a nice heated floor in your country will be lovely!