Tuesday, 21 August 2012


Not only do I seem to have an enormous invasion (total number of three) of pimples on my face - they are also the biggest I have ever had. There is absolutely no way I can cover these volcanoes up no matter the foundation. I have this urge to squeeeeeeze until they pop but as Husband says - "they're not ready!!" quickly followed by "you have got to let me pop those bad boys!". All said with a big grin!

Anyway, I have just got to be discreet when I pop (pardon the pun) into town to get a pair of running trousers. Yes, you heard it righ. RUNNING TROUSERS. I have decided I miss running - I probably won't on Thursday - and I have also decided that it would be a perfect way of getting a little bit of [free] me time that will, hopefully, make me feel better and not just physically.

Anyhow - more about the running schedule later. Husband is doing it with me so I'm not very likely to talk myself out of it.

So back to those pimples. Not only do I have those unsightly pimples but I have also been bitten by a mosquito whilst sleeping - or a whole "herd" of them - on my neck/shoulder, another one right where the bra strap goes and the worst one of all on the inside of my left thigh. Yeah, and it doesn't look nice if i itch it...

If this is karma then I have decided that I can't have been all that bad.

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