Thursday, 26 July 2012

A long Post without any paragraphs thanks to stupid iPad.

It has been a long time since I updated and it is because I/we have even busy doing everything and nothing. Husband and I are making sure we get a little bit more time to ourselves than we have been able to in a long time. Last weekend we went south to Sussex and stayed at a 5* country hotel and it was above and beyond all expectations. We would normally not spend that kind of money for just one night but I kind of won it so we thought, "what the heck?!" I will never be able to "slum" it in less than 5* now ;) We also decided to get Toddler N used to longer days at nursery as from next week he will be there the whole day on Fridays instead of just the afternoon. I know that he wound have been more than fine to start haing long days sooner but it is because I have not wanted him to. Silly? Perhaps, but I kind of like hanging out with my little boy even though we sometimes have "those" days when we clearly don't get along at all. But that is life, I guess. Anyways, yesterday we had him in for a full day as an extra session just to make sure he was ok with it. Again, he was fine and it was just me stressing about him not being happy to be there for a full day. Husband and I went to chatsworth estate which is amazing! And we have never been in the house/garden before, only to the park and village and the farm shop. And I am super glad the we went and ta we did not have Todder N as he would have hated going throug the house and I would have stressed about him hating it and potentially breaking something invaluable. But we will definitely take him when we go back to the gardens and also e little farmyard where they can feed and e lots of animals. I think we really need those little precious moments together where we can appreciate one another in a way that can be forgotten as we, obviously, make Toddler N our main priority. Next wednesday is another of those days but we är going to a proper English farm/country/animal show. You know, the kind where they compete about who has got the best and biggest carrots, cakes, cows and whatnots. I am super excited, being a proper country girl and all! So there it is, my life at the moment and when i am not gallivanting around on farm shows and visiting a Duke's estate I am tending to my garden, trying to get some order to it. We are a very happy family despite life's sometimes not so subtle way of reminding you of "survival of the fittest". It is a given and I totally accept it but it doesn't mean that it doesn't hurt. Anyway, to end on a happy note - for me anyway - we will be able to sort out our hideous bathroom sooner than expected (early next year)! Yeay! I truly, truly hate our current bathroom and though we can't do anything about the size as there is no more house, at least we will be able t make it nice. I will post photos of it in its current state and possibly also the different options I am thinking of. And yes, Husband will just have to go with what I like because he will love it :)

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