Thursday, 22 March 2012

Life got in the way...

...which is why I haven't updated the blog since forever. Toddler N and I have been to Sweden where I just felt drained in general so I didn't arrange to meet up with anyone apart from the closest family and it was nice not rushing around to meet so and so. I'll try to better next time though!

Last weekend I got the worst tummy bug I've ever had and this is saying a lot. I used to get really poorly when I was younger (up to mid-teens) and that was a walk in the park compared to this. I fainted during one particular forceful session of vomiting. Husband wanted to help out but I decided that I wasn't ill enough to let someone else deal with my sick. We'll wait for that a little while longer.

But there are positive stuff to focus on and we learn something new about ourselves in such situations. I learnt that I need to chew my food a bit better, that cheesy doritos taste the same when they come up again and Husband learnt that Wifey (me) is as stubborn when I am weak from illness as when I am well.

I also learn that wishes do come true! Toddler N did not get ill - just a little diarrhoea and he was uncomfortable with that (who isn't?) but it could have been soooo much worse!

So, I don't feel I can complain. Husband was great - apart from when I heard him laughing outside the bathroom door (I'll get him for that) - and Toddler N is back on track. We're starting to see the finish line with redecorating our house - the office will be done within a couple of weeks (waiting for furniture) and we might even get started on the last and worst room of them all - The Bathroom - this year. Yeay.

I guess we're pretty busy but there's no point in waiting for things to get done. Life does not work that way and we're living it!


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Mrs E said...

Skönt att ni är på bättringsvägen, tråkigt när man mår så pyton.

Härligt att renoverandet går framåt.

Kram på er!