Monday, 26 March 2012

I take it back! Sort of...

I normally joke and say that it is obvious that I didn't fall in love with Husband for his handy skills... I mean, this is a man who cannot use bluetack without messing it up. He's always tried, Bless him, but more often than not it has not gone to plan.

But this past weekend he has shown absolute talent in being a gardener. There is this space in the garden which has been an awful eyesore since we moved in. I have cut down the massive bushes and various other crappy plants that grew amongst the coal that the previous owners just chucked out after cleaning the fireplace (I know!). The little wall at the bottom of this flowerbed/rockery area had also fallen so it was just begging to get sorted. And we've ignored it because we've needed to do other jobs and we knew this would take a lot of effort and time. Which you don't really have a lot of as parents to a wild, wilder, wildest almost-2-year-old boy.

But yesterday we just started picking the wall apart and all of a sudden we were in this frenzy of digging, pulling up roots, unearthing rocks and what have you. The little wild one was "sorted" by letting him play with his sandtable, a brush (he loves to sweep) and towards the end - a bucket of water which was the absolute favourite part of his day!

And while he had his afternoon nap we finished it and it looks great! It's no longer an eyesore and the best part of it all? We did it by ourselves and it looks as nice as if it would have been done by our parents. And to be honest, I probably would have given up in a huff and a puff of a strop after realising I have no talent in wall building but Husband was amazing. So I can no longer say that he is not handy - at least not in the garden department.


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