Friday, 9 December 2011

It's never "just" a hug - it's love

The Little Monster decided to wake up at 4 am. His father and I were less than amused. Toddler N then spent the whole morning being grumpy as he was tired and took it out on me as it was clearly my fault that he was tired. It didn't matter what toys I brought out or what food I made. Nothing was good enough.

So I must admit I was quite glad to take him to nursery this afternoon and for myself to have a haircut for christmas. It turned out very nicely, if I may say so myself.

when I went to pick up Toddler N from nursery I got caught behind a couple of other parents who were picking up their children so I just stood there waiting to see my child when I all of a sudden heard a "MAMMAAAAA!" I bent down and in between all these adult legs I see my little boy pointing towards me, then pushing his way through the legs and ran straight into my arms for a massive massive hug! It was the best thing EVER!! There is no way he could have seen more than my legs and the bottom of my raincoat so I guess he knows his mommy's clothes (not that you could forget my flowery raincoat even if you wanted to) or my exceptionally shapely legs and he wanted to get to me quickly.

Even though he was a little monster this morning, it is no longer particularly annoying. I mean, how can it be when his greeting was nothing but love?

I absolutely and totally love my Toddler N more than anything and anyone in the whole wide world.

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Mrs E said...

It's so sweet to read about your loving little N :-)