Wednesday, 7 December 2011


So - am feeling a little bit better after the shingles-thing and everything else. My leg only smarts if I twist it, walk too hard on it or if a tiny little heel, belonging to a 19 month old, kicks it while sitting in my lap. All in all I'd say I'm alright.

Also lost 1kg this week which is nice. It sort of gets me back to where I was when I gained 1kg. Am hoping to get to my Club10 before x-mas. Was a bit upset that I didn't reach my goalweight when I'd set my deadline for (november) but I could have been hard core and done it quickly and not changed my lifestyle. But this way I'm slowly changing my bad habits to better ones and if it takes a little bit longer so be it. Or, that's what I'm telling myself.

AND the biggest news of the day/week/whatever is that I am an auntie. Baby N has a new cousin!! It's a little boy and he's my sister's 2nd child. No name yet but Husband has a bet on one. I'm finding it difficult to think about a name they might use. Baby N and I are skyping with them tomorrow. Yeay!

That's it folks. Sorry for being so shit at updating. Will try harder.

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