Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Mommy Tantrums

After a weekend of frustration and tempers (mine) boiling over it's now a new week and I am trying to become a better person. To be a person who lets things just wash over me. It'll be difficult but I have to try, for Husband's sake. And I've got the perfect (?) opportunity to try out my, hopefully, newly found patience in a couple of weeks as we're off to Husband's parents' house. So I'll try to smile through things despite that I will have to endure the weekend in a house where the temperature is 13C. Yes.*

Toddler N and I have had some absolutely superb days together. He hasn't had a tantrum (touch wood) for a while so I am not stressed out about it and he is therefore less likely to have another tantrum. We have played, cuddled, danced, cuddled and not to mention the singing... It's a shame I'm not better at it but  hey, what can you do?

Anyhow, am soon off to pick up my little man from nursery where he has spent the afternoon, no doubt spending 99% of the time on the slide. He's funny, my little man.

*The fact that my shingles (or where they used to be) are massively panful when it's cold doesn't seem to matter even though I've asked them repeatedly to turn up the heat. and pain does make me ever so cranky. This is the last time I'll go to see them during the cold part of the year unless they can turn the heating up just a little.

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Mrs E said...

Låter underbart de fina stunderna med din lille man :-)