Tuesday, 15 November 2011

The Fog is Clearing Up

I cannot believe that we're more than halfway through November! Weird. But both Husband and I are are starting to get Christmassy which is a nice feeling as the past 2 years we were a bot "off". Last year Toddler N was so little and we only did bare minimum. This year, however, we have started to plan the food, what to buy to people - I have already bought quite a few things for our nieces - and so on. This is very unlike me.

Perhaps it's because our House is starting to feel more "us" as we have now gotten rid of all the bedroom carpets and put down bamboo flooring instead. We've also thrown out an enormous amount of stuff, donated lots to our favourite charity shop. It feels a lot easier to breathe.

And not to forget - Toddler N will be 20 months old so he will definitely be more aware of things and I hope he'll like unwrapping his presents - just one from us -  perhaps pulling down the christmas tree and we've decided we're only getting a small one this year for that very reason.

I don't know but I do feel a bit more relaxed, perhaps more "with it" than I have in a long time. There's nothing to plan for (wedding), nothing to do (redecorating the house). The only ting I really, really must do is to get to the post office. It's just that the items are a bit awkward to pack so I have tried a few things but nothing feels secure enough - Husband is at home tomorrow so I've got time to sort it out without being interrupted by Toddler N. Cross your fingers that I finally get this done - I've been horribly rude in my tardiness.

Well, here's a cheer for me feeling a bit more organised and let's hope it sticks.


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