Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Little Man

Oh Man, I know they all say it but it's not until you've actually got one of your own that you realise just how true it is.

They Grow Up So Fast!!

Every morning - unless Toddler N is still asleep - we stand in the door to wave Husband/Father off to work. It's a ritual that we all love and cherish.

And last Thursday, shortly after Husband drove off, Toddler N got his lunch bag out of the cupboard, put it on across his chest just like a schoolbag, waved to me and said "bye bye!" and headed off towards the door!

As he walked away from me I said "But Toddler N! If you're going to going to go away you'll need to kiss me good bye first!

And!! He came back. Kissed me with the slobby type of kiss that is the bestest kind in the world , waved and said Bye Bye and walked away again.*

It's heartbreaking, heartwarming and makes me teary eyed and I realised that even though it's still a few years until he does go off to school but it'll feel like a second.

My Baby is growing up so fast!

*He is not able to open/unlock the doors so he didn't get far...

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