Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Our Wedding Day/Weekend

A "little" bit of info for those who'd like to know. And if you don't want to know I'd suggest you stop reading here...

Had a bbq with the faraway guests and was superstressed so left early to nurse a migraine in peace and quiet at home. This is also the day when Boyfriend and I had one of our worst arguments - ever. Stupid stress.


10am - Hairdresser with my sister. Good fun
1pm - Back at my parents' home to get dressed for photos and meet up with Husband-to-be, Best Man, Flower Girl, and Toddler N
3pm - photos taken at the farm and at my parent's home.
3.30 - Husband and Best Man + photographer leaves for church
3.45 - Mom, Dad, Me and Toddler N leaves for church

The "theme" was a country-ish kind of theme so lots of dried wheat in bouquets and rustic stuff. Just the way I wanted it as I am a country girl at heart.

Church 4 pm
As I think it's dull to just sit and wait for the whole shebang to start when at weddings, Husband and I had sorted out some background music for people to listen to while seating/waiting. We picked songs by the Vitamin String Quartet who plays modern music but in a classical style (obviously) and the songs we played were timed to perfection and ended 3 minutes before I "marched" in.

Pre-Ceremony Songs were: Sunday Morning [Velvet Underground], New Slang [The Shins], Say Yes [Elliot Smith], There is a Light That Never Goes Out [The Smiths], Wouldn't it be Nice [Beach Boys], Love will tear us apart [Joy Division], Bad Romance [Lady Gaga], Gold Digger [Kanye West] and Imperial March [Star Wars]

and then my Dad walked me in with FlowerGirl and Toddler N in front of us. My sister was maid of honour and was behind us. As Toddler N turned around after a while he then took my sister's hand and walked up with her. He was so adorable in his suit and I am glad we had him before the wedding as it meant so much sharing it with the two loves of my life.

Boyfriend/Husband teared up as we, his little family, came towards him - so sweet - and I was just laughing the whole time...*

The Service in short:
Entrance music: Jamtlandsk brudmarch [trad.]
Hymn : I denna Ljuva Sommartid [by Paul Gerhardt]
Solo: Sol Vind ochVatten  [by Kenth and Ted Gardestad] on flute and guitar by my cousin and her fiance
Marriage ceremony
Poem: Why Marriage? [by Mari Nichols-Haining] read by the Best Man
Solo: Hallelujah [by Leonard Cohen] sung by soloist
The Address/Vigseltal
Hymn: Jerusalem [Hymn based on a poem by William Blake]
Solo: Utan dina Andetag [by J.Berg] sung by soloist
Exit music: Jesu Joy of Man's Desiring [by J.S Bach] on piano

And when we came out of the church we realised that my parents had sorted out a horse and carriage for us! Fabulous!! They took us all around the village and it was so lovely! And I got my horsey wedding!

Then we came to the reception venue and took some photos with family and guests before heading indoors for food, food and food galore. (I completely missed the entrees that we had put in some cardboard fish & chips boxes but Husband said the entrees were a bit dry without the dipping sauce so...)

Toast Skagen
Fillet of pork with lingon and Hasselback potatoes, gravy, sugar snap peas , salad
Creme brulee on raspberry

Wedding cake was Prinsess tarta (a swedish cake) and it was Husband's wish - I was not bothered as long as it wasn't a typical English fruit cake with icing as I can't stand that type of cake (sorry).

Our first dance was to a song called "Fake Empire" by The Nationals and we did quite well although we were a bit quick but we were the only ones who noticed and we had a great time!

Seed packets by the cup
Lots of dancing, talking to friends and family. Lots of drinking for some - I drove afterwards so I stuck to diet coke and water...

The wedding favours we had were little packets of wildflower seeds with our names and the date on them. I really like them but if anyone will sow the seeds... I have no idea.

Our guestbook was a drawn tree and then the guests were asked to take a thumb-/fingerprint and place it on the tree as a leaf and then sign that leaf. It looks great although we are missing some fingerprints but I guess we'll fake the ones we can't get here in the UK and once we have as many as we can get we'll frame it and put it up somewhere it'll look nice.

Husband signing the "Guest Book"

This day was one of the absolute best days of my life - Toddler N's birth is no.1 - I had such a great time and I can't remember feeling anything but an enormous amount of love. All the stress and worries [and immense irritation towards some of the British guests]

* I was totally fine all through the service until we walked out and in the last pew I saw my "old" Kindergarten teacher, who is terminally ill from cancer and every day counts, and then I totally lost it as I felt so honoured that she chose to come and see us get married on one of her good days. So when we were sat in the "private" room I had to really try and compose myself and the I almost got started again when she hugged me outside the church and said Good Bye in a very final kind of way. I am really touched and honoured that she came to our wedding.

~ ALL photos in this post are by Camilla and all photos are our private photos so 
you may not borrow them. I know you understand. Thanks ~


Mrs E said...

I will sow the seeds - took loads of them... Great wedding, N was so cute in his suit!

Anonymous said...

Åh vilket vackert bröllop ni verkar ha haft!