Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Pierced Nose & Uniforms

I am fully aware of the fact that I am quite conservative when it comes to schools. Perhaps it's because I, in heart and soul, am a teacher. I don't know. But I do know that when I lived in Sweden some thought/felt that my views were strict considering I am very liberal in most other things (or at least when it comes to people and their way of life).

There is now a couple of articles in Swedish newspapers about a girl who wanted to go to a different school but they sent her home as her nose piercing is against their dress code. This seems to have caused an uproar about being allowed to express one's individuality through clothing etc etc.

I am sorry, but I do think that schools should have "rules" regarding appearance. My main reason is that schools also prepare the students for life. And in life you will have to dress appropriately for work. Not all types of work allows for the employee to dress exactly the way they like.

I like uniforms. It's on the list of things that are better in the UK than in Sweden (that part of the list is very short). No stress for parents to spend loads of money on the latest fashion [that'll last all of 5 minutes] or fear that their child will be bullied. No panic in the mornings. And no bullying. Children can be very mean evil and they will always find things to tease/bully each other about but at least not about what they're wearing! And it looks sooooo nice when they're all dressed appropriately for their ages and in neat and simple clothes. They do have spare time to dress in whatever they want to and also learn to separate school/work and personal life. I think, however, that older students could/should be allowed to wear personal clothes but still adhere to a dress code.

So, do I feel for the girl who isn't allowed to have her piercing while at school? No. Not really. Put it back in as soon as you leave the school area. Simple. Or pierce something somewhere else on your body that isn't visible. But I guess it was the visible statement she was after and not much else.

I think it'll be great when Baby N goes to school and he gets to wear a uniform and when he comes home from school he can wear whatever he wants and make a mental as well as a physical distinction between work and relaxation. Stress is very much a problem in the western world today and I do believe that even such small things can make a difference. Not to mention how much more appealing it will be to not see scruffy clothes in either school or workplace.

But hey, that's just me.

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