Tuesday, 22 February 2011

What a Night!!

But not the kind you'd like to think it was.

Poor Baby N wasn't very well and spent a great deal of the night being upset. It started at about 9pm when he woke up and was very hot and only calmed down when we gave him some formula and then he fell asleep in my arms!! It's so lovely and he hasn't done that since he was a tiiinsy tiny baby so we realised he wasn't  well.

We moved him from his cot at around midnight, and put him between us where he settled and had a good snooze. But then he woke up again at 2.30 and was very difficult to calm down, we tried everything and finally he settled, this time in his own bed with his mobile on Bach's "Oh Jesu Joy of Man".

Poor little thing. He's now making up for the loss of sleep in his pram outside where it's nice air and probably a lot easier to breathe with such a mucus-y nose.

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