Friday, 25 February 2011

Get me to the labor ward

Baby N got a tummy bug from nursery and poor little thing, he's been so upset and almost looks apologetic when his nappy has been dirty. I feel so sorry for him and yesterday evening I just bawled because I couldn't help him and when cleaning his bum-bum he cried even more as it's so sore.  I felt like an absolutely useless mommy.

I know he needs to get through these things but it's so difficult to not be able and help him.

And last night... I got it too. Good Lord. I cannot remember a time when I was in such agony. Boyfriend said "labor?" and let me tell you: Labour is a piece of cake compared to this. Luckily I also have the bestest Boyfriend ever and he helped me through the night. Not that I needed any help but he waited outside the bathroom to make sure I was ok. He even said he'd hold the bucket if I wanted him to. But I love him a little bit too much to ask for that.

Baby N has been very subdued all day so far so it's been lots of cuddles on the sofa and lots of little snoozes in the pram in the beautiful spring weather.

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