Monday, 21 February 2011

Nothing to do....

...put some mustard in a shoe.

Isn't it funny how some things stick and others just disappear and you'll never remember having seen or heard about it? We learnt a rhyme in English class when we were 10 and this is all I can remember of it although there was also something about "...dry some jelly on a latch..."?!

Baby N had a longer day at nursery today. Well, when I say "longer" I mean 2,5 hours. He could have stayed the whole morning session (5 hours) but I like to think it's better to let him get used to it little by little. Or is it me who need to get used to not having him around?

I went home and just sat down for those 2+ hours and I kept thinking hearing him "has he woken up?" etc etc. Very strange and I must say that it did feel like a piece (a big one) was missing. It's not the first time we've been apart but the first time since he's more aware.

He'd had fun although was a bit upset when I came to pick him up. He didn't like people disappearing through the door and this when the other babies had their lunch so they kept going to/coming back from the kitchen and this was not a good thing according to Baby N.

He was absolutely exhausted when we got home and as soon he'd had his lunch he kept yawning and didn't complain at all when he got into the pram and by the time I'd rolled the pram outside he was fast asleep.

Baby N was busy playing at nursery whereas Mommy got all confused and didn't know what to do so just sat on the sofa the whole time...

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