Friday, 10 December 2010

That Victoria...

You know, Victoria - the Crown Princess of Sweden... Let me tell you about this girl/woman.

Last winter I found a wedding dress that I really liked, particularly the neckline. It was stunning and I had basically decided that "this is The One!"

And then The Crown Princess has that exact neckline on her wedding dress this past summer. I mean: Aaaaaarghhhhh! Don't get me wrong, she looked absolutely fantastic and it was definitely the right dress for her and it's not like I mind if someone else has that neckline. BUT! Her wearing it means that loads and looooooads of wedding dresses will have that same neckline next summer and that means that I'm out. I don't want my dress to be one of many.

And today, I've just seen a picture of her dress that she's wearing today at the Nobel Prize Ceremony... well. Go Figure! Now, that was another type/model that I've been looking at (obviously only if I were to lose weight first)! So loooads of people will wear a dress that will look like hers.

Back to square one. But I'm also looking at it in a positive way. Surely it must mean that my taste is exquisite and very expensive. Yup, that's how I see it.

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Anonymous said...

Så jäkla typiskt, du får kolla upp hennes schema och se när hon kommer att visa upp sig i finklänning nästa gång. Annars får du tidigarelägga bröllopet så hon inte hinner sabba nåt igen! :P Men för gud skull... BJUD INTE VICTORIA. Hon kommer bara dyka upp i en likadan klänning som du!

Kram A-K