Thursday, 9 December 2010

Today's "Up Yours" Goes To....

Was in a superb mood (doesn't happen all that often). Wonderful crisp weather. You know the kind, clear blue sky, cold but sunny. So I decided I wanted to take us for a walk. I managed 500 metres and then I gave up and turned back. And by that point I had a sweaty brow, my jacket was flung over the pram and I was huffin' and puffin' like the wolf who tried to blow down the little pig's brick house.

But I digress.

The bloody useless council have done nothing about the paths, sidewalks or pavements or whatever the hell they're called in this country. And as no one drives slower than the "Oh My God, I'm being chased by Godzilla" speed it also makes it very dangerous to walk on the roads even though no one should be on them at this time of day (work anyone?).

It was a very short walk but made for good exercise. Poor Baby N who was enjoying the weather but maybe we'll try again another day when I've hired Rudolph the Reindeer and his friends or put skis on the pram (but how would I break?). I'm sure it'd cost a lot less to clear the walkways than having old people starve/afraid to leave their houses alt break a hip or something. And let me tell you. If anything were to happen to Baby N because of snowy paths then the council would have to sell the city to some rich foreigners to afford the lawsuit.

Anyhow, the short story made very long by myself is: The Sheffield City Council sucks - not only at advertising on what's going on in town - but also at clearing the snow.

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