Monday, 29 November 2010


We're going away for a week to celebrate early x-mas with my family in Sweden. Mom has said she'll take the Little Menace in the mornings so we can sleep for as long as we'd like. "Sleep"... comatose more like and we'll probably only wake up in time to get the flight back to the UK next week.

Updates might be less frequent than they already are but I'll come back. Eventually... I think. I hope. Maybe. Yes.


Miss E said...

Any chance you'll be going anywhere near Kungsbacka or Gbg?

Ems said...

I would looove to but I don't think there'll be enough time. Boyfriend is abit upset as he really (really) liked Gbg when we went to WOW.

What are you doing in Kungsbacka?

If you guys ever fancy a weekend away or smth - you're more than welcome to come here.

Miss E said...

Too bad, Kungsbacka is where boyfriend works so it wouldn't hae been a big problem for me to get there. But, we'll see each other next year :-)

Ems said...

jobbar inte ni pa samma skola? Var har jag fatt det ifran? och en fraga till, varfor kallar du honom Grefven? Ar han en sadan filur?

Det blir val forhoppningsvis sa att vi traffas minst 2 ggr nasta ar - inom loppet av en vecka tom! :D