Friday, 23 October 2009


I have the weirdest dreams

There is one that keeps coming back to me. Or rather, the place where it happens is the same but the stuff that happens changes from dream to dream.


I'm in a forest and it's not a forest I am familiar with.
In the latest dream I had to camp out in a tiny
wooden hut. Quite a flimsy little thing.

We're hiding from a bear. It's me, one of my old students,
a person I don't know and a dog.
All of a sudden there
is this almighty crash and a piece of the back wall disappears.
A huge bear appears in the whole and
grabs the dog.
But then it's no longer a dog. It is a girl/young woman
(ok, my age...)
I try to grab her hand and pull her away from the bear
and I keep hitting the bear
on the head to make it let go at the same time as I am
shielding my old student in case the bear goes for her.
The bear keeps its grip and doesn't seem bothered about
my attempts to scare it off.
The dog/girl is all quiet and all you can hear are my screams and sobs
and her head is now in the bear's jaws
and it keeps biting down and down and down
until the girl's skull
just cracks.
It's the most horrible sound I've ever heard.
it echoes around the quiet forest
The bear lets go and
runs off, back into the forest.
And all we can do is sit there and watch
and wait.

For nothing.


I think we can all agree that I am
in need of
some HELP.