Thursday, 9 May 2013


What have I done since last Friday? Not much. Panicked a bit

and 5 minutes later;
"Oh, I think I feel quite well prepared!"
and another 5 minutes later or in the middle of the night;
"HUSBAND - wake UP! What are we doing? Are we out of our frigging minds? How can I ever cope with TWO? What if the breastfeeding doesn't work. What if it does work this time? Will I be stuck in the house for months?!*

and so it goes. But most of the time I'm just enjoying my tummy -as big as it is- and seeing N interacting with Baby in forms of kisses, stickers on my tummy, making sure there are stuff for Baby to borrow and play with, removing toys that "Not for Baby, mamma. It too small!", trying out Baby's changing mat, egging me on to set up the baby gym so he can try it out** etc etc. I just love him so much and I know he'll be awesome even though I also know he will find it tough at times.

Anyhow, Last Sunday we went for a walk in the park (to call it a forest is laughable to a Swede) while Husband went for a run. N and I had a peek at, the now fairly big, lambs. I love lambs, they're soo adorable and I love seeing their joy when they jump around and play. It's spring.

here's a pic of my "lamb" watching lambs in his super cool wellies.

And yes, that is indeed a "leash" on his backpack. And no, I don't make him eat his food out of a bowl on the floor. He loves his backpack and he learnt from the beginning that if he wanted to walk and not sit in the pushchair/pram or hold hands, he had to wear his backpack and mommy or daddy had to hold on (when in areas with ppl or traffic). Little children don't always want to hold hands, can't hold hands as too short and I for one did not want to spend an awful lot of time chasing him all over the place or risking him stepping off the sidewalk onto the road. The leash doesn't necessarily prevent him from falling or slipping or hurting himself but it means there is a limit on how far away he is from you when it happens. + with the backpack it means he can bring some toys with him or a place to put newly found treasures such as a twig or the most beautiful pebble or leaf he as ever seen. It's one of the best purchases I've made. Ever!

The above is a "speech" I've given SO many times when ppl decide it's "barbaric" and that I treat my child like a dog and especially in Sweden where it's not very common (from what I understand). But I live in a big city, not the village where I grew up. We use the leash less and less as he knows the deal and it can be taken off completely for safety reasons but sometimes he has a different opinion than us and wants to "play" naughty and run off. He's a child, they disagree with adults on a lot but I do not compromise on safety and that's when it comes in handy. + I have this fear of someone trying to snatch him when we're in a crowd, store etc and it's impossible to follow or even notice before he's gone and it makes me feel safe. So there. I use it because I love my child but I don't really trust his judgment yet (he's 3) and I definitely do NOT trust strangers.

Gotta go and wee as Baby is using bladder as a punchbag...

*I'm not very comfortable with the idea of breastfeeding in public - it's just me, I don't mind breastfeeding in public. It's just in my head. Didn't have that issue with N as he didn't latch on so I expressed and bottlefed him.
**I hope it works but am a bit reluctant to try it as don't want to be disappointed. It's a baby gym I've looked at for AGES but I refuse to pay the amount it actually costs and they still go for a lot when used. BUT managed to find a Brand New One for 1/2 price because the packaging had been opened.  Just got to deal with it I guess.

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