Thursday, 10 May 2012

Gosh, it's been ages since I wrote here and I am sorry. We have been really busy and I am normally exhausted by the end of the day so I mostly just watch a bit f telly and then drag myself to bed. We've had guests. First, my parents who came to el s with the garden/fence and lots more. Let me tell you why I get frustrated when Husband's parents are here and it takes 3 hours for Husband's dad to change a lightbulb, put up a stair gate etc etc. My parents arrived on the thursday at 1pm and we just had a bit of a chat while eating lunch. Then my dad started getting a bit antsy so we went out to measure where the fence was to go and all that stuff. He couldn't actually put anything up apart from 3 fence posts as he had strictly told s not to buy any scres Neil he got there so he could pick out what he needed. I guess he didn't quite rus s to pick the right ones ;) Anyway, the next day we had the screws so he got started and as of my magic he was done by 1pm... Granted, our garden is the biggest but still... I am so proud of my parents. Husband could not believe it when he got back from work nd it was all done and neither could his dad. Husband had actually taken Monday off to help out with the fence but as that was not needed we just had a nice relaxing day and he took my dad to the diving range for him to try it out. And then we had one of my friends come to stay as well and it was really good fun. Not that we went out partying or anything but I think she just needed to get away for a few days. So then we had planned to have a super relaxed weekend all to ourselves and do nothing. Yes... Toddler N managed to get chickenpox. Not so much fun as he really suffered throughout the first two nights and I had to sit up and stroke his back to get him to relax. Last night he actually slept through till 4.30am so I was a very happy, still tired but very happy mommy. He has been super active all day today and he is currently refusing to go to bed without me so I am sat in the doorway with my back to him and typing this on Husband's iPad. Thank god for small computer things as I don't really have a good book at the minute... A not sure that Husband s too happy though. Shopping on EBay is great with the iPad.... I will try to write again soon but have ver busy week ahead. Xx

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