Sunday, 15 January 2012

Nutrients in paint?

Went to B&Q today to pick out paint for the office walls. We're redecorating and can't wait to get rid of the magnolia walls and the most horrific "white with raised black velvety flowers" wallpaper hat is currently hidden behind a row of bookcases and DVD shelves. I don't get the whole magnolia thing at all but it is the most chosen colour here in the uk when it comes to interior wall paint. Ah, the English... There are do many things that is impossible to understand and I doubt that they understand. Anyhow, we bought 5 different samples and painted them on one of the walls. None works. So it is back to square one. It is not as if we don't know what we want, we do. But we just can't get that perfect one. We'll get there. We've ordered a new armchair that will get here in 10-15 weeks so the room has to be done by then. It is not impossible. It we also need to get a new carpet laid. This room and the stairs are the only 2 places where I've said that it is ok to have carpet. I am a wooden floor kind of gal. So that arm chair (which we've been looking at for the past six months was on sale for 1 day only so we "had" to buy it)and 2 sets of flights home to Sweden has pretty much emptied the moth eaten bank book. It'll be soup of water and a dab of ... water. If I was a celeb I would have to pay a bundle for the same diet and it'd be called "detox". Time for bed.

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