Saturday, 31 December 2011

Awaiting 2012

2010 - was the best year of my life as that was the year we had N, our beautiful, gorgeous baby who's not much of a baby anymore but we love him more and more for each day - even those days when he headbutts me.

2011-  this year - has been amazing. It's such a privilege to be around and see/experience a child's development and especially since it's our child!

2011 - is also the year when Husband and I became Husband & Wife. It was a fantastic day and one I'll never ever forget. It was made extra special because we had Toddler N with us on that day and got to share all that happiness with him.

So what sort of expectations do I have for 2012?
I don't normally do any NY's resolutions but I do have some wishes though.
I wish for all my friends and family to have a healthy and happy year with lots and lots of love.
I most definitely and whole heartedly wish that no child is born to die - no matter what country they are born in. This coming year and all the years after that.

All the best to all of you and your families.

Happy New Year!


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