Thursday, 22 September 2011

Toddler N is sleeping in his pram on the patio so I thought I'd "waste" a minute or two while I can... If you could bottle the energy that my little man omits then I'd get everything done before it needed getting done.

Anyway, found this on one of my old students' blogs so I stole it. Enjoy or not...

Are you usually on time? - If I am on my own; YES. If Husband is with me: NEVER! (it's one of the things we argue about.)

Good fitness level? - No. But better than before as I am lighter.

Last time you were photographed?  - When we got married August 27th.

How are you? - Fine but constantly tired.

Most common colour in your outfits? - Dunno.

Do you photograph well? - Usually not but I was pleasantly surprised with the wedding photos, probably because I was soooo bloody happy the whole day.

When and why did you cry last? - I shed a little tear when Toddler N helped me hang up towels to dry. Such a sweetie!

Are you embarrassed by that? - No, I cry all the time when it comes to my "baby". I used to be made of stone but not anymore...

Did you have a nice evening last night? - Yes, Husband and I shared a pizza and watched "Grown Ups".

Your "poison" in the morning? - water at the moment but it's getting cold so will switch to tea soon.

Can you cook? - Yes, am quite competent at it if I may say so. 

Do you have a healthy lifestyle? - Since May, yes. although I do enjoy the odd "naughty" treat.

Are you shy? - I can be

What time did you get up this morning? - 6.45

How much does it take before you get tipsy? - I've never needed more than a glass of white wine. "Cheap Date" Husband calls it.

Ever vomit in public? - Yes, First time when I was 5 and got sick while in Stockholm and vomited outside a shop. And probably a few times in my teens, one such occasion was right outside the centre court during Swedish Open, Båstad (at night). Am not so proud of that one...

Sleep? - on my stomach which was impossible when pregnant so suffered for 9 months and then some.

What was the last thing you said and to whom? - "Time for 'noozies', N!" when I put Toddler N in the pram for his afternoon nap.

Did you go to a festival this summer? - No

Who do you call when you're upset/angry? - Husband (poor thing)

Anything you need right now? - I wouldn't mind a haircut

Have you got nice shoes? - Do I? Do I?? Shoes are like porn to me (just look at my latest purchase - but mine are more nude coloured)

First thing you said this morning? - what time is it?

Did you sleep in your own bed? - yes, but it will soon become the guest bed.

Did anyone share your bed? - Husband and Toddler N (from early morning)

Driver's License? -Yes, since 1996

Looking forward to anything in particular this week? - going for a coffee with the girls tomorrow afternoon while Toddler N is at nursery (I love him but he doesn't really do the coffee thing very well as he runs around all the time)

That's it. Hope you didn't die of boredom.

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