Saturday, 24 September 2011

Changed Priorities

A couple of years ago I would have blown the money on shoes - probably another pair of boots -  or just blown them on all sorts. But not this time. This time we're buying something I am very, very excited about and that I've been dreaming of for a looooong, long time.

Yes, we're buying a new vacuum cleaner. One of these - and I can't wait! It's a bit sad, I know, but it'll be easier to keep the floors clean as the one we currently have is rubbish, noisy and the cord is ridiculously short and I have to keep switching sockets. We could have replaced it ages ago but it sort of feels like a waste when we managed fine with just the 2 of us and neither of us used to locate things on the floor and put them in our mouths. Well, I didn't and I hope Husband didn't. But the Little Menace - The Love of Our Lives - seems to find the odd speck of dust extremely appetising.

I know it won't solve the problem of the floors getting dirty but with a lighter, less noisy, better suction, less energy using, longer cord and frankly a whole lot nicer to look at, it shouldn't feel like too much of a hassle to pull it out once a day.

I wouldn't mind some new boots though but...

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