Monday, 4 July 2011

Super Boring Post

Went to a baby shower yesterday afternoon and we had a great time. Baby N was on his best behaviour and charmed everyone and seemed to have loads of fun walking up to different guests the whole time. It also seems to have worn him out as when we got back at 6pm (where did the afternoon go) he just wanted to have a bath, which is pure JOY for this little man, and then he went to bed.

The Baby Shower was really superb and as it was hot hot hot we made use of the open bar and I had loads of diet coke to cool off. Crazy weather!! And today it's quite humid and overcast so we'll probably get a thunderstorm soon, I hope!

That was it. Oh, no wait. I also had on a new really pretty, colourful dress and it was perfect for a day like yesterday. It looks as if it could be a "Damsel in a Dress"- dress but it isn't so it is about £150 cheaper... bargain!! I'm very pleased.

Now, I'm done.

See ya when I've got something more exciting to say.

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