Tuesday, 19 July 2011

A Never Ending List

As soon as you've crossed something off this darned wedding list something else needs to be put on or at least dealt with. Thus adding more stress on moi. And "moi" is getting seriously fed up.

Seriously. Fed. Up.

Last night something reg children cropped up. And now I'll be Da Bitch Bridezilla because OTHER people are saying "ok" to something Boyfriend and I have said "rather not" to.

And what is the deal with not RSVP:ing?? The Brits are absolutely godawful. Most polite people in the world. Yeah, my patoot that they are! I may leave things to the last minute but it gets done before deadline.

1 comment:

Miss E said...

Usch så tråkigt, jag tycker också det är trist med allt planerande och saker som skiter sig osv. Ang barngrejen så har jag hört att det är brudparets bröllop och därför de som bestämmer.

Vi har väl rsvp:at till erat? Vi kommer! Blir bra övning för oss...