Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Sometimes after I've changed Baby N's nappy it only takes two minutes before I can see and hear things happening. In other words, he poops because, and this is my guess, it's probably nicer to do it in a dry nappy than in a wet one. And I always think; "if only I'd waited 2 minutes and I wouldn't have had to change it twice!" this because he's no longer happy lying still and a wriggling baby with a poopy nappy is not an easy task.

But I digress. The thing is that it wouldn't have mattered if I'd waited an extra 2 or 20 minutes, he still would have waited for a dry nappy before dirtying it. And that's just how life can be. It doesn't matter what you do, shit will happen anyway.

I guess it all depends on how good you are at cleaning it up and I am getting the hang of it. Thank God for disposable nappies though! It means you can get rid of it straight away.


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