Friday, 29 July 2011

A Bad Mommy

Baby N woke up at 4.15 this morning. Or should it be "night"? It certainly wasn't time for either body or mind to wake up. After a while it was apparent that he would not go back to sleep. We tried him in our bed. A tiny heel being kicking the side of your head is slightly better than one on the nose but not much.

I'm not a pleasant person to be around at 4 in the morning. I know it. Everyone else knows it. Baby N will learn to know it.

I said [muttered/hissed/spat out] to Boyfriend that I wanted to put Baby N out for the milkman. Boyfriend, science and logic is all that exists to him, calmly and rationally informed me that we do not get milk delivered so there's no point in putting Baby N on the doorstep.

There's just no way to hide from awake toddlers and/or rational Boyfriends at that time of the morning.
Give me strength!!

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