Tuesday, 10 May 2011


and there it was  - Ka-Pow

Boyfriend and I discussed yesterday that I didn't feel the word "happy" was adequate for how I am feeling and we agreed that I should use the word "happiness".

And today I'm feeling lower than I have in a loooong time. I'm still experiencing "happiness" but obviously  there had to be something to balance it all, hence a kick in the teeth - just to make sure I wasn't getting too much happiness.



Miss E said...

Honey, I worry, remember I'm here if you need an ear or something.

Ems said...

Thanks babe!! I really appreciate it. Things are better, am dealing with it as well as I can. Keeping my head up straight and shoulders back - and all that! :)


Laura said...

*sigh* I understand. I have tendencies to crash from happiness to very low-down-yuckyness. The happiness sometimes tricks me into thinking I've finally cracked it/made it/no going back! but then, like you say "Ka Pow!" xx