Monday, 4 April 2011


I get riled up for the little things. Little things that other people see as silly but things that are important to me. Like recycling. And not being listened to. I know that other people have different views on recycling and that's fair enough but I want to do MY bit for the environment and for the future.

It sounds very grand for one person and trust me, I'm not running around in hemp clothing or straw sandals but I want to make sure that Baby N grows up in a home where it comes natural to recycle household items.

Boyfriend's parents aren't as bothered. Yesterday my future MiL picked up a little brochure that had fallen out of the paper recycling-box and asked "what's this?" and I said "it's for recycling and must have fallen out of the box." "Ok" she says and throws it in the general trash.

I just hate when people make an active effort to NOT listen. It's probably the one thing that could make me commit murder. Yes, it is.

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