Friday, 11 February 2011

Yada yada Update

My parents came for a long weekend and as always did loooooads of stuff. My dad can't just sit and relax so he went into his "terminator" mode and as he walked around the house zoomed in on things he could sort out. So he put down new floor in the downstairs loo, the utility area and the hallway that goes to the garage... the he sorted out the extractor fan in the upstairs bathroom, had a poke around in the attic to check it was ok (wanted us to go and buy a fold-down stepladder so he could install that), fixed the leak in the garage roof and in between spent the time on the floor playing with Baby N. Mom baked and baked and sorted out the garage and kept Baby N happy with lots of cuddles and playtime. 4 days don't always seem so much but when they sure know how to do a lot in those 4 days.

They left on the Monday and then all hell broke lose in terms of migraine, it'd probably been cooking for a few days because it was awful. As bad as it's ever been. Auras, nausea and P A I N... it's still lingering around so can't relax properly but Baby N's been an angel and so easy to have around that it's not been anywhere near as bad as it could have been. Imagine a screaming baby whilst suffering from the worst migraine of your life??

Anyhow, also had a row with Boyfriend about wedding but will tell more another time... it's still on so nothing major ;)


Anonymous said...

Du har fantastiska föräldrar!
De liksom bara plöjer igenom huset innan du hinner blinka! Du kanske kan hyra ut dem när vi skaffar hus? :)

Kram A-K

Ems said...

Apselut! De kostar gratis.

De ar bra att ha, the foraldrar. ;)