Monday, 14 February 2011

The Wedding Squabble

I told you in the last post that we'd had a bit of an argument re. the wedding. And it may not seem like a big deal to anyone else but it was to me!

Anyhow, the Save the Date Cards have been sorted for ages and I asked Boyfriend to get addresses for "his" guests/relatives etc etc. And nothing happened. I asked again. Nothing happened. I got some addresses on my own and asked him for the others. Nothing happened. And I got fed up. Not only is it terribly rude to not send out to some guests - as they know others have received the cards - but it's WRONG, bad manners, crap upbringing, embarrassing etc etc.

And the actual invites... I found samples of some that I liked. Boyfriend didn't like the "font", the "wording", the x, the y or the z. He was to do it on the Mac. I'm all for keeping costs down and to make the invites ourselves but nothing I showed was good enough*. But did he come up with alternatives? Did he even try to make a template on his Mac? Did he suggest we were to go and look at different types of paper? Nooooooooooooooo!

So I threw a little tantrum and said shouted that I wasn't the only one getting married and yes, I know he's busy but if the non-commitment he was showing was a way of saying he didn't want to get married then just F-ing say so! I also said that if we cancelled now we'd only lose couple of hundred pounds. But if he was still "on" the he'd need to step up and at least help with the stuff he'd promised. Simple, Easy.

I don't think he knew what to say so started to argue back, saying how he had the missing addresses (actually) and they were in his iPhone so I could have looked there myself, yada yada yada. As if I would! and how did I know he had the addresses? Anyhow, petty things like that but we both knew who was right and it sure as hell wasn't him.

But he got his thumbs [both hands, really] out and later that evening we had, together, produced a very nice invitation on his Mac. He has since also taken me to the special stationary shop to choose paper and envelopes. And (!) and (!!) and (!!!) he decided he wanted a specific "hole-punch" that will round the edges of the invites as they'll look "even more classy". All on his own.

Sometimes they just need a shock, a kick up the old behind, or just a screaming wife-to-be. And I can do all those things. I'm quite good at it. Yup.

*You might say I should have made some by myself but trust me, it would have been Times New Roman, font size 12 on an A4. I could try but that's what they would have ended up like.


Miss E said...

Do I detect a Bridezilla in the making... :p

Ems said...

Only because the Groom-to-Be seemed to not want to be involved, at all.

He needed it ;)