Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Yesterday I was carrying Baby N through the kitchen when I thought "Gee, he must have wee-weed for an entire army. He stinks of pee!" So I checked and no. No pee. A little while later the same thing happens again. No wee in Baby N's nappy and I start becoming a little bit paranoid.
"God, is it me?! Do I smell of wee-wee? Is this the water-incontinence that can follow pregnancy?! Holy shit!!"

But, Thank God!, it wasn't me either! So I started sniffing around and I realised that it is the white narcissus I bought last week that smells. Of wee-wee. Of pee. Eurgh!

It's getting worse so I'm going to get rid of it. It'll have to go outside. Flowers grow outside. It can thrive outside, smelling of wee. Outside. And I won't have to worry about smelling of wee. Not yet anyway. Phew!

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