Wednesday, 8 December 2010

I Can See Clearly Now... suitable as a title after the previous one. Or something. Never the f-k mind.

Been home to Sweden for a week. It didn't feel like a week, more like a 45 minute stop over. back in good ole sheffers now and since My mom and dad took Baby N so we could sleep, I feel a lot better. A LOT better. I just hope the Little Menace will sleep as well here as he did in Sweden.

Did manage to sort out some wedding stuff and it's basically just the dress now. And losing weight. A LOT of weight. A slight battle with Anorexia or Bulimia would be ok but I'm too lazy to make the effort ;)

Nah, just healthy food and exercise and to cut out what is my weakness : SWEETS.... I am a sugarholic. This could be a struggle but I'll do my best. I have to unless I'm to walk down the aisle wrapped up in a white tent alt King Sized sheet.

Off to the shops and get the health crap going... but first a Mars bar ;)


Miss E said...

Do you wanna start up a wedding blog with me? We can talk dresses and support each other's weight loss...

Seriously, wanna?

Ems said...

Sounds like brilliant fun!! Yup, I'm in!


I am NOT telling you how much I weigh.

Lemme know how you wanna do it.

Anonymous said...

Du skulle ha tagit lite Östersundsvatten! Rena bantningskuren säger de som testat ;)

Kram A-K

Ems said...

maskros: Nja, lite langt att "bara vatten". Inte kul att sitta pa flyget hem sen... jag kan ju alltid prova att slicka pa en offentlig toalett istallet, men avaen det gar nog inte, ar sa forbannat ovig numera ;)