Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Work work work

Had meeting with work and lightly prepared them for the possibility of me not coming back after my full year of maternity.

and now you say: "Lady of Leisure, eh? Not working at the age of just above 30? Slacker!"

And I say: "Not working?! If I wanted to relax during the day and basically be a slacker and not snap at Boyfriend the whole time from exhaustion- then I'd go back to work! The pregnancy and giving birth is a piece of piss. The hard work is afterwards!!

And now I'm back to the sofa to read my book while eating chocolate....*

*that was sarcasm in case you didn't get that


Miss E said...

I support you not going back. Wife of Doctor and Wife of Count should not have to work :p

James said...

Bet that went down well...

Ems said...

Miss E - damn right about that! The feminists can work if they want to ensure that it's all 50/50 in boardrooms etc. I'm using my right to stay at home.

James- "she" was in as a good a mood as always so hard to tell but probably not. I've got to end of Jan to "think it over". But I'd rather lick the floor in a men's room than go back and be treated like s***. You ok?