Saturday, 13 November 2010

Liberace Does Boxing??

The in-laws are here this weekend to help us do a few things around the house and, of course, to see Baby N. Today they came said hi and shoo-ed us out of the house to do something just the two of us. Boyfriend and I went: "We don't know what to do!" So we thought about the stuff we used to do Pre Baby N and we realised that we do pretty much the same stuff now.

Ok, we don't go to the cinema as often but there hasn't really been anything we're dying to see anyway - they also come out on DVD quicker than quick now so... - we go out for meals, perhaps somewhat earlier in the evening as we bring Baby N but the food still tastes the same.

So what did we do in the end? We went to Meadow-HELL and today it certainly was hell. It was C R A Z Y !! but we went to the quiet stores and had a look around for things I'd probably feel a little bit stressed about if I'd had Baby N in the pram. Boyfriend has pretty much decided over the suit for the wedding, but we won't buy it yet. He looked gooood in it though. I'll probably waddle down the aisle fat as a walrus looking, if possible, larger than I am in a white-ish dress....

Anyway, 'nuff about that. I'm off to bed to snooze off while listening to Baby N's soft snores while Boyfriend is watching some boxing...

A question - what's with the sequins in boxing? It's enough to rival Holiday on Ice produced by Liberace

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