Friday, 26 November 2010

There's always a Tooth involved

The Tiny One isn't well, bless him. He has got a bit of a sniffle (totally blocked nose) and then there are those "mofo-ing" teeth!

By midnight we'd tried everything and the final try was to put him between us and he completely zonked out, snuggled up close close to my face. And there he slept, he barely moved and inch - until 4.30am when he had another episode of horrendous crying (it's heartbreaking when tears are trickling down his chubby cheeks) and zonked out again and slept til 6.35 when Boyfriend's alarm went off.

So although it's been tough for a couple of days - and there are more to come - I've got to be positive. He let us have a lie-in instead of waking at 4.45 and not going back to sleep. Isn't he the best?!

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