Wednesday, 24 November 2010

I'm forry, ith my foofth and lipf

... had a check-up a couple of weeks ago where they said I had cracked my filling. How do you manage to crack a filling?! Is it not supposed to be ... hard?

Anyhow, went to get it sorted today and managed -for the first time- to get the local anaesthetic to actually work. I tried it when I originally got the filling but it only lasted a short while and they kept "filling me up" until they'd given me a dose for a person 2,5 times my size and it still didn't work.

But this time! O Boy! Did it work or what?! I couldn't feel a thing (which is probably the point) and it lasted for hours!! We went to Meadowhall afterwards and I kept checking to make sure I wasn't drooling out of that corner of my mouth. Quite weird but funny. I am so never ever doing anything without local anaesthetic again. I barely felt the needle! And here I've been crying when they've pulled teeth out and God knows what.

I could probably be efficient and use that time to sleep if I have to do it again! Bring it oooon!

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