Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Not enough time and too much time...

I'm sorry for my sporadic blogging of late (last 6 months or so) but I've been busy with everything and nothing and it looks as if it'll continue the same way. Time's just slipping away and to be honest, I've spent the last month or so sleeping (when I haven't been at work). Am I ill? No, not at all - just very exhausted mentally and physically. the physical bit has most of its roots in the mental bit.

We're still in the flat (aaargh!). Our solicitor has got the contract for The House ready to sign but the solicitors who are dealing with the purchase of our flat are a bunch of wankers. Fair enough, they're thorough but it's now bordering on the ridiculous. We've given them everything we have that relates to the flat but it's not enough and they make it such a chore to sort it out. Bastards.

Anyway - we're still hoping to be in our House by the end of October/early November. My parents are coming to visit in mid-Nov and I would be really pissed off/upset/too angry to handle if we're not in by then. It's not a threat. I'm just telling how it'll be.

Other than that - Life is good. There are some planning that needs to be done for various stuff which will be revealed in time. So far it's nothing but good news. I'm still in love in that sickly-sweet kind of way. If I wasn't a part of us as a couple, I'd be violently ill from seeing/knowing how we cuddle up on the sofa at night - but that's a good thing, right?

I'm too old for the dating-game and going out to clubs anyway so I might as well hold on as tight as possible to Boyfriend. I can't really think of any other reason ... ;)

Sweet dreams

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