Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Grabbing Life

Boyfriend and Band played a gig last night and since I didn't go to the one last week I had to go to this one. It may sound as if I didn't want to go but I did and it was really good fun and I enjoyed it. Not getting home until midnight when you're as old as I am has it's disadvantages. One major disadvantage is that it'll leave you horribly tired for the next day and I've realised that I might as well get shitfaced as I've suffered all day and that's without drinking.

So what's the point of trying to "take it easy" as it's "work tomorrow"? None whatsoever. Never mind the Diet Coke - just gimme a bottle of your cheapest scotch... and no ice (don't want to dilute it).

Am excited about moving though. The guy who wants our flat is keen to buy/move in by the end of this month so we're packing and planning. Luckily we've got a place to stay at until we can move into our home.

"Our" home. It's a nice thing to say and feel. I've dreamt of this for so long and cannot wait until Boyfriend and I get to settle properly in a place we have picked. It may not sound like a big deal but it is and it's the start of the next phase of our life together.

Sickly sweet? Yes, but it doesn't make it any less true. I am over 30 and life doesn't wait for me. I've got to grab hold of it.

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tova said...

haha*, vad kul med nytt hus :D Lycka till med inflytt!!