Tuesday, 10 April 2007


My mom's got some sort of meeting going on in the kitchen so dad and I are in "exile" here in the tv-room. I'm surfing on the internet - T.G for wireless broadband - and dad's watching Eurosport. While waiting for the heavyweight boxing to begin we spent some time watching sumo wrestling.

Sumo wrestling - hmmm, it's special, very special. I must admit I haven't seen many (any?) before tonight but what I saw surprised me.

The guys are big, very big and I was sort of expecting a game with some serious hammering or at least one throwing himself on his opponent. That could have been fun. But what actually went on was the worst cat-fight I've ever seen. The were sort of bitch-slapping each other for ages - or that sort of hitting that's more similar to waving your hands about as if trying to get rid of a wasp - and then they lunged for the loin-cloths.

The loin-cloths are small, very small for men of that size. And they were giving each other wedgies (kalsonryck) without the slightest hint of pain coming through. What's the matter with them? I can't even pull [very lightly] on Boyfriend's boxers before he surrenders and sort of limps out of the room to re-arrange things but these guys just keep on doing it.

There are plenty of funny things going on in the world and some are even shown on the sportchannels. I just never expected such big boys bitch-slapping and lifting each other by the "unmentionables".

Life just got a whole lot more confusing.


Emma said...

You didn't see Uppdrag granskning by any chance? And that is the place I've chosen to live in!!! The mushroom-named place where she "lived" is about 400m from my flat!

Ems said...

nope, haven't watched any swedish programs since forever. Well, I watched the one about the 29year old nun, a determined girl. Even though I like spending time on my own (best conversations ever!)I doubt I'd be able to go for more than a month before trying to stab myself with a crucifix. But not in the same way as Linda Blair once did, ewwww!