Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Oh what a boring morning...

I've spent the morning sorting all the boring stuff such as bankpapers, insurancepapers, taxpapers etc etc etc.

Why do we have to have so much junk to keep track of? Is it to make us depressed over our future retirements? 'Cos it aint pretty reading, lemme tell y'all that. I simply have to marry rich and squeeze a couple of brats out so that Mr Rich Guy is stuck whether he wants to or not.

Boyfriend, if you're reading this... I looove you! but if Mr Rich Guy comes along... Well, let's just say that you need something extraordinary to make sure I stay. I am willing to consider "Little Big Boyfriend" as something extraordinary - to your face, at least. Oh, and a dog would be even better!

(don't forget the big garden, big kitchen, stable with horses, my own account at Monsoon, and discount with your plasticsurgeon friends. And (!!) a massive epidural in case we have kids - one that'll last for 18 years...)

I really don't ask for too much, do I?

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Foredi said...

Great share brother...,Goodluck!